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Breathe Easy | Reduce Risk & Accelerate Growth

A managed services platform and technology marketplace designed to offer value by reducing cost, risk, and accelerating growth through Fortune 100 level services tailored and affordable to the lower and mid-market 

Our structured engagement model ensures success over the life of the contract. A dedicated advisor partners with business stakeholders to govern and manage all service delivery

Our Services

Our Offerings

Fortune 100 level services tailored and affordable to the lower and mid-market

Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance

Comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance programs designed to create the right checks and balances between IT and security, reduce cyber spend, reduce risk, and protect your business

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Enterprise business services and technologies designed to decrease the likelihood of business disruption while enabling proactive crisis management through our turn-key platform

Risk Assurance Advisory

Our industry experts can help craft a strategy for risk retention and transfer, utilizing analytics informed by historical industry losses, company-specific losses, corporate risk-tolerance, and insurance cost

IT Managed Services

IT managed services with a compliance focus to support end-users and manage infrastructure predictably, optimally, and securely so you focus on your core business needs 

Software Product Management

Our team of innovative thinkers includes data driven product managers, skillful software engineers, data scientists, and UX designers who are all passionate about helping your business grow and succeed

Professional Services

Comprehensive support and expertise in ERP selection and implementation for systems like NetSuite, SAP, and Sage. Our partners have agreed to optimal rate card pricing. Additional services provided are database services / optimization, technology diligence, software diligence, and design thinking

Ready to find out more?

Connect with us to begin your Risk, Vulnerability & Capability Assessment. This qualitative and quantitative interview process will help uncover your organization's core business process roles/responsibilities, risks and impacts; including a strategic roadmap and budget to reduce risk and accelerate growth.

Our assessment collects data across the values business areas:

  • Core business process areas and service providers

  • Technology spend

  • Technology assets

  • Infrastructure/architecture

  • Core Application footprint and licensing

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