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M&A Transaction Services

The Technology diligence approach is a comprehensive review of what and how technology enables people and process. We perform confirmatory diligence to assist with integration planning and execution. With adequate data, we can also engage to validate prior technology assessments

Integrated Due Diligence (IDD)​

• Our diligence efforts focus on business process maturity and its enablement by data governance and strategic systems design. We tailor our engagement scope to meet client needs and produces deeper insights to uncover operational and financial risk. Our deliverables create actional roadmaps with defined improvement opportunities

Technology Due Diligence (TDD)

We address IT standards and risk in our evaluation. Using our playbook addresses the following areas: application landscape, infrastructure/architecture, data privacy/security, real estate IT, end user / application support, technology organization, and contracts

Pre-LOI / CIM Review

We evaluate technology debt and high-level risk associated with the target business' operating model. The outcome of our evaluation will specify key considerations, unforseen risks, and opportunity cost of technology enablement with pros and cons

Pre-Close Planning & Standup

Integration planning is our core expertise. Our best practice is to execute an integrated due diligence approach to ensure alignment between core business process and technology enablement beginning on day 1 through day 90, day 180, day 240, etc.

Sell-Side Diligence (SDD)

• Our approach identifies operational and executional risks to transaction readiness and opportunities to improve. Our practical experience and structured approach then provides clear, actionable steps for a new owner to de-risk or benefit from them

Software Due Diligence

• We evaluate the organizations' ability to perform software product and release management. All underlying technology is evaluated for stability and risk. We also review the value placed on the software IP, by examining it for potential quality, legal, and security risk to determines its overall worth and viability

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